Intro to Hot Yoga Workshop

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Into to Hot Yoga

This is a 6 week Workshop geared towards the person with little to no yoga experience and with a high interest in starting a hot yoga practice. You will go through each of the 2 breathing exercises and 26 postures that make up Bikram's Beginning Yoga class. The instructor will address concerns and questions such as:

-Will I be okay in the heat?

-What are the modifications for my injury/condition?

-What are the benefits of a Hot Yoga practice?

-Am I doing this right?

Each class is one hour long and we will go through 6 of the postures in the sequence to learn the poses and get acclimated to the conditions of the practice room.

Many people feel a little trepidation with starting anything new. Students are more than welcome to jump intoregularly a scheduled class anytime, of course. This Workshop has been designed specifically for those who need a slower pace and more individualized attention. The Workshop ends with a complete Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class and the tools you need to continue practicing the series!

Bring a yoga mat, bath/beach towel for each class. We have all those items for sale and rent at the studio.

Sign up today as the class size is limited.

The Workshop will run from March 11th through April 15th, every Saturday from 12pm-1pm.  Cost is $125

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